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Managing Risk and Minimizing the Complexity of Your Global Single-use Supply Chain
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Timothy Korwan, Director of Integrated Solutions, Avantor

With the rapid growth of single-use systems (SUS) for drug production, especially by drug manufacturers with multiple locations across the globe, there are many risks associated with underestimating the regulatory compliance, manufacturing,...

Industry 4.0 in a Highly-Regulated Medical Device Factory
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Srivats Ramaswami, CTO, 42Q

A recent study by Automation Alley found that 85 percent of national manufacturing executives said their company plans to increase budgets for Industry 4.0 technological advancements, including investments in cloud technology, Industrial Internet...

Machine Learning- A New Paradigm Shift
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Kent Sorensen, CEO, DITA Exchange

Machine learning is finally making its way into mainstream conversations. On the surface, it sounds like the development of the artificial intelligence that we have been warned of in science fiction movies. Today, however, its applications are...

Ideagen [LON: IDEA]: Navigating the Regulatory Maze
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David Hornsby, CEO

Provides software and services to organizations operating within highly regulated industries such as life science and healthcare with its main operational premises spread throughout the UK, EU, US, Middle East, and SE Asia

DNAnexus: Leveraging Genomic Data in Clinical Trials
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Omar Serang, Chief Cloud Officer

Provides security, scalability, and collaboration for organizations pursuing genomic-based approaches to health to accelerate medical discovery

ACUTA: Regulatory Information Tamed in the Cloud
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Shylendra Kumar, President & CEO

ACUTA provides cloud technology to manage the information and regulatory submission process for pharma and biotech companies

Quality Systems Integrators (QSI): Alleviating the Burden of Compliance Challenges
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Marti Turocy, Director of Operations

Provides an easy-to-use, cost effective web-based application that helps companies automate and manage their quality and regulatory data

AMPLEXOR: The Integral Solution for Pharmaceutical Compliance
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Elvis Pacelat, VP-Life Sciences Solutions

AMPLEXOR is a leading provider of global content lifecycle management solutions; offering with unparalleled efficiency, the most comprehensive and innovative technology in the Life Science industry.
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