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XR in Healthcare: Simple Evolution or Amazing Revolution?
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Grégory Maubon, Digital Coordinator CIO/CDO, HCS Pharma

Introduction, what are we talking about? From past 10 years, we’ve been talking more and more about XR (mainly VR and AR) and it’s clear now that these technologies are revolutionizing in many fields, like retail, tourism or...

ClearDATA to Track Patient Records in the Public Cloud
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Scott Whyte, Chief Strategy Officer

The robust solutions designed for monitoring PHI will enable healthcare and life science organizations to identify the breached data and reduce hefty fines from regulatory agencies. FREMONT, CA: Regulatory compliance takes a second place...

ALTEN Calsoft and Clinlogix Usher Transparency into Clinical Trials with BioPharma Ledger
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The incorporation of BioPharma Ledger will enable clinical research organizations to achieve enhanced data sharing and storage capabilities. FREMONT, CA:  Modern clinical trial settings rely heavily on quick, easy, and transparent...

Driving a Context-Aware Clinical Desktop Experience
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Rebecca Kaul, Chief Innovation Officer, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)

The Challenge Clinicians are challenged with having to work with a multitude of clinical systems each time they treat a patient. Patient information is stored and accessed through siloed systems that are not interoperable. Because of this,...

Better Technology, Needs Better Tuning
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Vasee Sivasegaran, Associate CIO, Penn Medicine

The advancements in AI haven’t reached the healthcare sector, at least not to its full potential. Recently, many healthcare organizations have started to focus on AI. Usually, the focus is more on tactical operational aspects, blocking and...

The Implementation of Mobile Computing in Health Care
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Mary Alice Annecharico, SVP & CIO, Henry Ford Health System

Healthcare is experiencing a series of interdependent health care reform initiatives at whose cores lies the active involvement of the patient. Meaningful Use (MU), the Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs),...

Emerging Technologies Improving the Healthcare Industry
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Healthcare industry has witnessed plenty of innovations, but there is still a great opportunity for the entire sector to get better. Presently, storing patient health records is a challenge because manual handling of the records does not pan out...

Are Wearables and Sensors the Key to Disruptive Innovation in Clinical Trials - or Merely an Overhyped Distraction?
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Marie McCarthy, Director, Product Innovation, ICON plc

The existing clinical trial design is under increased scrutiny with lengthening trials , 9 out of 10 drug candidates failing and no new drugs available in some therapeutic areas such as Alzheimer’s disease in over 15 years . While there...

Are life Sciences and Healthcare Companies Coping with the Digital Disruption
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Ilkka Salminen, Director, Life Sciences, Deloitte Consulting

Technology has evolved rapidly over the last decade, disrupting and transforming our lives at the same time. In the last couple of years, digital technologies have changed our daily lives, allowing us to order taxis through phone apps, make...

Next Generation Visualization and pharma
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Mark Hoffman, Chief Research Information Officer, Children’s Mercy Hospital

If you have been a gamer in your life or have seen somebody moving their head in awe with their cell phone attached to goggles, you’ve probably already been exposed to the next generation of data visualization technologies. Virtual...

Five Reasons Not to Move to the Cloud
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Neal Wright, CIO, On Lok

Today’s cloud providers and data centers continue to push technology to new heights. Without the demand to manage rows and rows of servers and the demand to host millions of Twitter or Instagram accounts, such amazing technology simply would...

After the Internet, Google's Next Mission: Healthcare
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FREMONT, CA: The Life Sciences sector, which includes the pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology segments, had remained unscathed by the global economic recession. Those good ol’ days seem to be ending as the sector is now...

Cloud Computing in Pharma Industry
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Joe Touey, SVP, GSK North America Pharmaceuticals IT

Many Pharma and life sciences companies consume cloud computing in the form of software-as-a-service. GSK deploys all email and collaboration technology— in the Microsoft cloud. Hence we operate in several countries with hundred thousand...

ClearDATA: Creating a Culture of Compliance
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Darin Brannan, President, CEO & Co-Founder

ClearDATA was conceived and designed from the ground up to serve the mission-critical system needs and regulatory requirements of healthcare organizations. Healthcare professionals across the globe trust the ClearDATA HITRUST-certified cloud to...

Cambridge Semantics: The New Frontier of Modern Data Management
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Ben Szekely, SVP, Head of Field Operations

Cambridge Semantics, Inc. (CSI) leads the charge to help pharma companies establish a sound connection between their data, extract information, and remain competitive in the market with its Anzo® platform. Anzo serves as an architecture that...

VIIHEALTH: Time to Market Drives Digital Customer Engagement
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Mark Benthin, Founder & Executive Chairman

The company provides a cloud-based mobile-savvy platform company that helps life science companies improve their digital marketing return. As a leading Veeva solution provider, the company simplifies and scales patient engagement and accelerate...

M3 Health: Pioneering Innovation in Pharma and Life Sciences
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Jennifer Valentine, President and Jeff Bydalek, CEO

M3 Health is a creative technology agency with over 17 years experience delivering innovative solutions to the life science industry

ClearDATA: Creating a Culture of Compliance
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Chris Bowen, Founder and Chief Privacy & Security Officer

A HITRUST-certified, healthcare-exclusive, multi-cloud service provider focused on security, privacy, and compliance within the public cloud

arivis AG: BigImage Data and Regulatory, Quality, Compliance (RQC) Management
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Andreas Suchanek, Founder and CEO

Provides big image data and Regulatory, Quality, Compliance (RQC) Management software for the life sciences industry

Median Technologies: Unveiling Imaging Phenomics
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Jeanne Hecht, COO

Median Technologies provides innovative imaging solutions and services to healthcare organizations around the world
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