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HIMSS7 Pursuit Unites Recently-Merged Hospitals, Improves Safety Standards
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Balazs Zsenits, MD, CMIO, Rochester Regional Health

It is 2018 and the electronic medical record (EMR) is no longer a novel concept. Most American healthcare providers have invested in an EMR and established some degree of use. The investment was a significant, challenging, and meaningful step...

eClinical Solutions, LLC: Accelerating the Clinical Development Process
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Raj Indupuri, CEO

Provides customized data management services and Clinical Data Repository platform with advanced visualization and analytical capabilities

Enablon: Building Sustainable, Safer Environments
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Philippe Tesler, Co-founder & CEO

Offers leading edge Sustainability, EHS and Operational Risk Management Software solutions

ACI Clinical: Simplifying Adjudication Processes for Clinical Research
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Dr. Jonathan Seltzer, President & CEO

Specializing in clinical and safety consulting, including full service Endpoint Adjudication Committees and Data Monitoring Committees

ERT: Simplifying Clinical Trials with Real-time Insights
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James M. Corrigan, President & CEO

Delivers a combination of technology and consulting services to improve the efficiency of clinical development processes

MedNet Solutions: Flexible and Intuitive Cloud-based eClinical Systems
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Rob Robertson Co-founder, President & CEO

Providing pragmatic healthcare technology solutions that automate and streamline clinical research activities

Medidata Solutions: A Quintessential EDC/CDM Platform
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Tarek Sherif, Chairman & CEO

Providing advanced tools for planning and managing clinical trials.
Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2017

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