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AI Can Improve Patient Outcomes, but will Pharma Get there Quickly Enough?
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Ryan Billings, MS, MBA, Executive Director, Digital Engagement, AMAG Pharmaceuticals

No matter what industry you’re in, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is all the rage. It’s the shiniest of the shiny and new, and it’s everywhere. In pop culture alone it’s the central theme of HBO’s Westworld,...

Five Reasons Not to Move to the Cloud
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Neal Wright, CIO, On Lok

Today’s cloud providers and data centers continue to push technology to new heights. Without the demand to manage rows and rows of servers and the demand to host millions of Twitter or Instagram accounts, such amazing technology simply would...

The CIO's Spice Rack
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Praseed Thapparambil, CIO, National Assoc. of Boards of Pharmacy

Unless you are living under a rock, there is little chance for one to have missed the plethora of Technology topics in today’s political and social landscape. We have seen how fracking technology has shaken up the oil industry and how...

Big Data & the Corporate Mandate
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Nataraj Dasgupta, Senior Information Technology Lead, Data Sciences, Systems Development & Analytics, Purdue Pharma L.P.

Big Data is a term that is unusually prone to selective interpretation. If someone tells you that they have Big Data, they are always right. It is not unlike weather predictions, which, like their belief in Big Data, is right one way or the...
Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2017

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