Axiom Real-Time Metrics: Truly Unified eClinical Solutions

Axiom Real-Time Metrics: Truly Unified eClinical Solutions

CIO VendorAndrew Schachter, CEO & Founder Axiom is celebrating fifteen years as an innovative eClinical solutions and services provider. This milestone has been met through hard work, partnering with clients to meet their true needs, and operating as a leader forging industry disruption.

In a landscape of many players— including many large players—Axiom is unique. Axiom’s focus has always been on Axiom’s Fusion eClinical Suite. Developed and managed entirely in-house, Fusion is completely unified. All functionality that Axiom offers can be accessed directly within Fusion via a single-login. This is significant—because all technology is delivered by a single source, the need to work with multiple vendors is eliminated.

Changing the Way Studies Operate: The Benefits of Having All eClinical Services under One Platform

From the early days of simply capturing clinical data, the complexity of managing clinical trials electronically has evolved to offer functionality and intelligence that is moving forward at a rapid pace. To provide an analogy, Andrew Schachter says that with the shift from EDC to eClinical, “it was like going from relying upon a newspaper for all of your information to having on-demand television in less than a decade.”

Real-time insight and reporting enables clients to move trials along faster. Established over fifteen years, some of Axiom’s key modules and services are, but not limited to Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Data Management (DM), Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS), eTMF, Monitor Visit Reporting (MVR), Inventory Tracking (CTM), Coding Module, Biostatistics and Pharmacovigilance.

“‘Know more. Know it sooner. Act faster.’ is Axiom’s philosophy, and it is embedded in our Vision. We understand that when our clients can progress their trials faster, it means saving lives. I can’t think of a more worthwhile endeavor than that,” says Schachter.

We understand that when our clients can progress their trials faster, it means saving lives. I can’t think of a more worthwhile endeavor than that

A Company with an Entrepreneurial Spirit and Heart

Axiom has steadily expanded since its inception, and is now operating globally. Profitable since its second year, Axiom has been smart about when and where it moved forward. Now with fifteen product modules and offering associated services, Axiom partners with small and mid-sized life science organizations, medical device companies, and CROs on the leading edge of their disciplines.

Schachter says, “We started in specialty medicine, in particular oncology, cardiovascular disease and transplant studies and we choose to partner with progressive and like-minded clients. These partnerships are an investment for all parties—our client’s success is our success. This mindset is part of the Axiom DNA. We take pride in our work, and remind ourselves regularly of why we do it.”

“Maintaining a close relationship with clients is important,” explains Schachter, “as is assuring exemplary service and maintaining the ability to respond quickly to their new and emerging needs. Our very smart and agile team at Axiom ensures that we can do this,” and “it all comes down to our people and culture, brains and teamwork, diversity of backgrounds, and an organizational structure that fosters communication and idea generation.” Axiom utilizes specialized teams and engages dual Project Managers to support each client. Dedicating two individuals in this function “ensures seamless coverage and that we bring the most fitting background and skill set to each project. We apply this unique approach to each client relationship,” adds Schachter.

Focused on the End-User

Schachter explains that Fusion is built with the end-user in mind. From study design to delivery, Fusion is all about saving time, providing insight, and doing so in real-time in a very easy to use graphical interface. He relays, “Our clients love it.
We often hear clients express surprise at the ease of inputting information and the quality of real-time reporting—what used to take them many steps now takes them only two clicks. It is literally information at their fingertips and smartphones. What used to require the utilization of multiple software applications, now only requires Fusion,” proclaims Schachter.

Build Once. Deploy Globally.

Along with the trend of globalization of studies, the running of trials in many countries, Schachter explains that it becomes important not to repeat work over and over again. He says that many companies find themselves in the situation where this is the case, and it is a burden that is time consuming and very costly. “Here, again, Axiom is leading the way and has developed tools that can be used again and again across their studies. Working with clients to develop or utilize not only Axiom standard libraries, but also Fusion Modules, over 50 standard project and clinical reports and dataset configuration, ensures that each study moving forward can be developed at an accelerated pace. Deploying standards globally decreases the overall start-up and close-out time, increasing the client’s time available to focus on other activities.”

Cost Effective, Results Oriented, Proven Partners

Axiom feels that by remaining true to their service mandate and by growing at a pace which allows them to focus on a best in class product is the only way forward.

"With the shift from EDC to eClinical, it was like going from relying upon a newspaper for all of your information to having on-demand television in less than a decade"

For us, “the last 15 years have been rewarding and we are so proud of our product and its 15 modules which we like to refer to as being ‘peerless’. We maintain a 93.5 percent retention rate with clients who utilize Fusion for repeat studies. We are running Fusion in over 40 countries at over 5000 sites at present. We process over 1.1 million data transactions daily. We have well surpassed the 100 employees world-wide and add to this number weekly. As CEO and Founder I am extremely proud of these numbers and what our global team has accomplished. We can’t wait to see what the next 15 years hold in store for us.”
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