Novaseek Research: Transforming Biomedical Research and Drug Development

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Novaseek Research: Transforming Biomedical Research and Drug Development

CIO VendorDr. Kate Torchilin, CEO
Novaseek Research was founded by a management team with more than 100 years of combined experience in the life sciences, health IT, and hospital markets. With such an illustrious background, they understand research cannot be based on hypotheticals and requires real-world patients for more efficient research studies. Novaseek enables healthcare organizations and consenting patients to share clinical data and biospecimens to advance medical research and precision medicine. The company follows stringent approval protocols to ensure the ethical, HIPAA-compliant conduct of research and respect for all participants. “Our vision is a world where a clear understanding of real-world patients is central to every stage of life sciences research and drug development,” remarks Dr. Kate Torchilin, CEO, Novaseek Research.

Novaseek’s award-winning, novel cloud platform, the Clinical Data Network for Research (CDNR), meets the needs of organizations by supporting procurement of biospecimens, accrual of patients and use of clinical data to support biomedical research. It easily interfaces with hospital and other clinical data sources, enabling researchers to define patient cohorts and use population analytics to advance translational medicine, clinical development and observational studies.

In the past, work with biospecimens was often limited by inadequate access to clinical data. As a result, researchers had difficulty pre-selecting patients (and biospecimens) based on detailed criteria such as medical history or current test results. Similarly, following patients longitudinally or securing sequential specimens was often not possible. The CDNR platform makes it easy for hospitals to provide researchers with both biospecimens and the data needed to better understand the profile of the patient and the disease. “Novaseek ensures that all of this is accomplished with patient consent and in compliance with HIPAA privacy and security regulations,” states Dr. Torchilin.

Our vision is a world where a clear understanding of real-world patients is central to every stage of biomedical research and drug development

Novaseek differentiates itself from the competition by providing researchers and hospitals with an automated, turnkey solution. Traditionally, setting up a study is a manual and expensive process that can take many months. Novaseek’s CDNR platform is designed to save time setting up studies. Dr. Torchilin explains, “The platform was built from the ground up with our mission being to enable better biomedical and clinical research. We understand the researchers, their needs and the workflow, and have finetuned our products specifically to meet their needs.”

One case study that demonstrates the advances Novaseek has enabled in the fields of biological research and drug development involved patients that were taking statin drugs. The clinical researchers needed to validate the protocol for their studies using biological specimens from patients taking specific doses of two particular statins. Without Novaseek, this request would be very difficult to fulfill; however, because clinical data in CDNR is very granular, they were easily able to find matching cases, meeting the requirements to quickly set up the observational study and collect the necessary specimens in much less time than if they had to set up the study without CDNR.

As Novaseek considers their future, they know that the area of observational research will continue to grow because research done in labs must move to clinical studies. As this field of study becomes more recognized, developments have shown the importance of access to real world data and real-world patients. Novaseek will continue to enable researchers to gain access to biospecimens and data before they start their trials so they can design faster, more efficient clinical studies to improve the drug development process. Dr. Torchilin shares, “Our goal is to enable the researchers while providing convenience to hospitals and protecting the privacy of patients, so everyone can benefit from advances in medical research and precision medicine.”
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