Rancho BioSciences: Data Curation and Analysis Clinical Decision Making

Rancho BioSciences: Data Curation and Analysis Clinical Decision Making

CIO VendorJulie Bryant, Founder & CEO
A new wave of clinical IT innovations has ushered in an era of efficiency and interoperability in clinical data management arena. The pharma companies that once intimidated with ever growing volumes of data being created internally and from outside sources are now exploring new avenues to extract meaningful insights out of data. “There is a big realization that the data needs to be organized and integrated with genomic data for analysis earlier in the pipeline of product development,” states Julie Bryant, Founder and CEO, Rancho Biosciences. Helping pharma companies realize such a need is San DiegoHead-quartered Rancho Biosciences that has a team of experienced PhD and PhD/MD scientists that are trained in curating disparate data and deliver high quality genome analysis, based on their expertise and domain knowledge in biology, diseases and clinical data.

“We harmonize and organize the data often leveraging ontologies and dictionaries. We then hand it back to the customer’s clinical analysts or continue the analysis for them,” says Julie. Essentially, Rancho Biosciences provides tranSMART—an open source platform hosted in the public domain which is easily accessible by customers to use. The open source platform provides value in that it allows for an enhanced collaboration between various groups within an organization, through sharing of early stage results, as well as increased transparency. Additionally, tranSMART is equipped with many analytical tools that are useful to researchers and it can also be customized to meet the client’s needs—creating dashboards, adding R scripts and adapting export capabilities. Simple t-test and chi-squared tests can be performed to compare data for cohorts of patients, run automated workflows, and analysis. “tranSMART provides unqiue, high value capabilities when bringing clinical and genomic data together, this is why most of the Pharma companies leverage tranSMART with in their discovery and clinical process” reveals Julie.

We will continue to support the tranSMART community and pioneer clinical, genetic and genomic data curation

Rancho Biosciences is focused on being creative, innovative, flexible, and open. The company’s goal is to help customers efficiently and intelligently consume information generated internally—by delivering publicly available data in the most convenient way, as well as creating customized tools needed to address important questions. “We have an amazing team of scientists, bioinformaticians, statisticians, data automation and software developers,” affirms Julie. “We create a ‘huddle’ meeting and discuss the approaches we could use for a project and use our different skill sets and knowledge to the task at hand.” Rancho Biosciences is uniquely positioned to deliver fast and accurate data curation services on site or off site.

Rancho BioSciences’ clients include many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and non-profit disease-focused organizations. The company has helped many organizations to make their clinical genomic data readily available to collaborators or groups within their company which has lead to patient stratification, discovery of biomarkers or knowledge to make changes to their clinical trial protocol. “Providing such knowledge has created great value for our customers as it has reduced costs and increased their chances of success,” states Julie.

As clinical data continues to grow with the proliferation of new technology, Rancho Biosciences is ready to support customers by building efficient platforms that is commercially viable—to clean up and organize data and make it ready for analysis in various workflows. “We truly believe by collecting and curating all types of data we can get a better understanding of how the human body works which will allow us to get to a point of personalized medicine, nutrition, health and wellness,” says Julie. “We passionately want to help people and feel privileged to work in the life science industry.”