Saama Technologies: High-End Data and Analytics Services

Saama Technologies: High-End Data and Analytics Services

CIO VendorHaranath Gnana VP, Life Sciences and Healthcare
The proliferation of advanced technology in health care has resulted in tremendous opportunities for using data to improve patient care and reduce cost. The promise of ‘better analytics tools’ can only be achieved if the focus is on data driven healthcare management practices. Located in Hamilton Avenue Campbell, CA, Saama Technologies has the domain expertise, and advanced analytics frameworks and solutions to transform operations and improve the overall efficiency of health¬care organizations, payers, governmental health bodies, and public health and research organizations. With the help of data science, Saama extracts unstructured data, along with traditional internal data sources and CMS system data, to analyze and discover hidden trends. This allows healthcare organizations to reduce costs, increase revenue, and shed light on potential problems or issues. Leveraging its work in the technology, insurance, life sciences, and consumer products industries, Saama has developed a set of industry-focused solutions to meet the unique needs of its healthcare customers.

In the words of Haranath Gnana, VP, Life Sciences, Healthcare at Saama Technologies, “Our Fluid Analytics Engine allows us to efficiently manage the most complex data analytics problems in order to quickly develop a solution that is tailored to each customer’s unique needs.”

Saama Fluid Analytics Engine is built on foundational elements that help deliver live Business Intelligence (BI) applications in the cloud and mobile using a standards-based Java technology stack. It uses a standard SQL-based relational database to store and process structured content and NoSQL technology, like Hadoop, to store and process unstructured, high volume content. Saama Fluid Analytics Engine makes it easy to comply with enterprise IT norms and also makes plug-and-play components easy to install. It takes an XML based declarative application definition and executes it at runtime. “Saama Fluid Analytics Engine democratizes data science and helps in the rapid development of data solutions that help businesses convert traditional predictive insights into prescriptive actions,” Gnana adds.
While analytics is a new frontier for many in the healthcare industry, Saama has a history of managing data and providing foundational analytics services. Saama healthcare experts know how to handle healthcare data to help drive critical short-term and long-term decisions and improve operational excellence across the enterprise, which is vital when facing today’s increasingly complex regulatory environment. “Saama’s industry specific solutions are designed to improve clinical decision making by offering a powerful data analytics engine that create a patient-centered approach to healthcare,” remarks Gnana. Saama Patient Experience Insights Solution is a comprehensive data and analytics solution that helps healthcare organizations identify priority patient concerns, produce

Saama’s industry specific solutions are designed to improve clinical decision making by offering a powerful data analytics engine

key insights and deliver optimal strategies for each hospital’s unique demographic base. The company’s strategic solution spans the entire patient engagement value chain to help offer high quality patient care at an optimal economic cost. In addition, Saama’s Clinical Decision Support solution is designed to improve clinical decision making by offering a powerful data analytics engine that gives doctors statistical counsel in advising patients. A solid clinical decision support system can help physicians diagnose patients more quickly and ensure appropriate tests are performed, leading to optimum patient outcomes. Another dynamic solution offered by Saama is its Healthcare Payer Analytics solution that provides a holistic view for the payer to analyze its portfolio and help payers to identify and flag potential fraudulent claims that includes predictive forecast by claim type, annual claim value and annual re-admission rates by members and providers.

Saama is dedicated to delivering high-quality, affordable health care services in a compassionate environment that meets each patient’s physical needs. The company has built a suite of ready-analytics solutions targeted to solve specific, analytics driven business problems.