ZyDoc: Real-World Data for the Healthcare Industry

ZyDoc: Real-World Data for the Healthcare Industry

CIO VendorJames M. Maisel, M.D., Chairman, and CEO
It is an arduous task for CIO’s and pharmaceutical companies to solve complexities in mining useful real-world data. Clinical Data Management (CDM) requires a host of clinicians, technologists, and legal experts to help businesses extract data from unstructured text. Firms are on the lookout for partners to solve their data mining issues and represent that data in useful fashion. Enter natural language processing (NLP) technology for streamlined feeding and extracting useful data from EHRs and unstructured sources. NLP technology focuses on improving medical informatics, and ZyDoc, based in Islandia, NY centers their cloud-based analytic solutions around NLP data derived from multiple sources of siloed unstructured data. “Our clinical focus and technology platforms are ideally stylized for pharmaceutical companies specifically focused on real-world data,” begins James M. Maisel, M.D., Chairman, and CEO of ZyDoc.

The firm’s flagship product, MediSapien is a cloud-based platform that enables researchers and clinicians to extract patient health data from unstructured data. MediSapien automates the transformation of text to medical concepts as structured codes that were trapped as semi-structured data within EHRs. The browser-independent, web-based platform is secure and enterprise-ready, accessible from any computer, and other smart devices. “MediSapien enables users to automatically generate structured data, with simple tools to quickly query it via useful dashboards,” says Maisel.

The MediSapien platform can transform text-based clinical documentation in structured form in ICD-10, RxNorm, SNOMED-CT® and LOINC® codes. Extracted data can be leveraged for sophisticated query-based reporting, computer-assisted coding, and converting records to facilitate health information interoperability. For analytics, the platform provides structured data for evidence-based care support, practice management, and research. “MediSapien solves a myriad of data capture and information interoperability challenges facing healthcare providers, including HITECH and specialized health registry reporting,” explains Maisel.

MediSapien NLP technology facilitates section-level EHR data capture from dictated and transcribed encounters.

MediSapien enables pharmaceutical companies to aggregate and analyze real-world data generated from unstructured and semi-structured sources

Meaningful data retrieved from unstructured text enables clinicians to make adjustments in identification and treatment of individuals or populations. Physicians can view a patient record snapshot for an overview of health conditions, combination treatments, and drug utilization, along with drug switches and outcomes.

ZyDoc assigns a team of experts who scientifically identify the data and develop a solution that satisfies the clinicians and data needs from clinical, marketing, HEOR, security, IT, and legal perspectives. “Our NLP technology and interoperability experience allow us to acquire data from almost any source and structure it beyond the content of the EHR,” comments Maisel. The customizable platform enables clinicians and companies to design filters or controls while regulating role-based access to secure information. “Our ability to incorporate audio case narrations and images containing the clinical information is desirable for clinicians using the system,” says Maisel.

ZyDoc’s CDM solution was customized for use by a pharmaceutical company who wanted to identify diabetic retinopathy cases and as a case management system for presentation. The client was able to extract data from several EHR systems and also upload the data from another group of physicians. “We designed a single-view snapshot allowing an overview of every individual patient meeting the designated criteria,” says Maisel. Prior treatment and disease parameters of the patients were filtered which helped show clinicians that treatment of patients with diabetic retinopathy with the company’s medication and a similar profile was safe and yielded favorable results.

Forging ahead, the firm plans to improve solutions for data collection, analysis and presentation for the pharmaceutical industry. “There is a need for analytic solutions. We pilot projects that will quickly yield tangible scientific results,” concludes Maisel.
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