ICON: Integrated Data Management Technology for Accelerated Results

ICON: Integrated Data Management Technology for Accelerated Results

CIO VendorSanjay Patel, VP & Global Head, Data Management
Clinical data is recognized to be the core corporate asset for enhancing potential economic value in the pharmaceutical market. Managing clinical data using effective technology-enabled tools not only boosts the speed with which a drug is developed, but also facilitates its competitive advantage in the clinical data management (CDM) segment. However, most CIOs today face the challenges of not having a seamless delivery of data and a real-time access to data. “Customers struggle to make use of the data due to the lack of real-time access to data within their system as soon as it is generated,” explains Sanjay Patel, VP and Global Head of Data Management, ICON [NASDAQ:ICLR].

Addressing these challenges through an integrated data management solution is Dublin, Ireland based ICON. Built on the principle of high quality data and services, the global outsourced services provider specializes in the strategic development, management, and analysis of programs that support clinical development. The company helps in providing data in a standardized manner and also offers a standard-based holistic and integrated technology solution around the system.

Patel further elucidates that “Currently, the integrated technology is a rising trend in the CDM arena. Unlike different technologies that users implement, over the years, ICON’s integrated technology brings end-to-end support for data management,” he says. It brings in different data streams and maps it for a standardized data structure.

Moreover, the CDM arena is advancing in terms of innovative services like electronic-patient reported outcomes (e-PRO). Embracing the digitization, these cloud-based solutions enable patients to even fill medical forms over a smartphone. Partnering with the global provider of cloud-based solutions for clinical research, Medidata, ICON provides new and improved on e-PRO capabilities in clinical trials.
ICON also emphasizes on the importance of right database and Case Report Form (CRF) design applying standards which are critical, while entering patient data in the right format.

This is then used for further processing; ultimately, ensuring that the data is relevant and regulatory submission compliant. Having worked with a broad range of customers from across the globe, ICON brings outsourced development services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries. For instance, one of their largest clients had to collect long time safety survival data for their patients. This was a time consuming and an expensive process. In order to solve this challenge, ICON’s single database assisted the client in collecting the required data. This process was not only distinctive in many ways but also helped customers save significant time and money. “We provide customized design solutions to our customers based on the unique challenges that they face,” Patel asserts.

Our integrated technology brings in different data streams and maps it for a standardized data structure

Continuing to excel in various spheres of CDM, ICON focuses on time, profits, technology, excellence in delivery, and building strong partnerships with customers. The company invests significantly in innovation and develops new technology and services to cater to the clients. “We are keen on building a culture of innovation and supporting the development of original ideas and concepts from market analysis. These ideas are then developed in a very collaborative way with an aim to produce pioneering clinical trial process or products,” says Patel. ICON has also tied up with IBM Watson for clinical trials, providing advanced expertise to their customers.

Moving forward, “We are focused on information management, data analytics, reporting and leveraging data to provide actionable insights. ICON also plans to expand its global footprint, in the coming years,” concludes Patel.
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