Precision Digital Health: Transforming Real-World Research

Precision Digital Health: Transforming Real-World Research

CIO VendorSteve Bilawey, CBO and Thomas Wells, CEO
Precision Digital Health has created SUMMA, a cloud-based, real-world evidence platform that is disrupting the way clinical trials and research are used today. Their FDA and HIPAA compliant “Big Data” platform provides the clinicians with self-service capabilities that allow them to automate longitudinal patient timelines retrospectively and prospectively. This enables researchers to utilize data to identify different lines of therapies, events of interest, and target precision medicine with blended genomics and other data sources. By giving clinicians the power to use the analytics generated by SUMMA they can discover insights across vast amounts of clinical data.

Historically, clinical solutions have been developed in silos and fragmented across the industry. SUMMA provides interoperability for the most common data standards plus critical data sources and devices that are not being used today. Their goal is to remove barriers and complexity for their clients to be able to leverage new high volume sources that include biomarkers, sensors, genomics/proteomics, specialty labs and EHR/EMR data in one unified solution that turns their “Big Data” into smart actionable data.

When we inquired about the system design and architecture, Thomas Wells, CEO replied, “We built the platform to leverage in-memory processing like we see in common search engines today. Speed, efficiency and interoperability are the core characteristics of this architecture. The SUMMA workbench designer provides a schema-based tool that provides easy-to-configure interoperability options for the most common data sources and data standards in clinical research today (CDISC and OMOP).

We see our relationships with our clients as a long-term partnership

This solution is built on a micro-service oriented architecture to support high volume data sources in addition to interoperate with over 40 different medical devices and wearables in one end-to-end solution.”

This platform wasn’t built overnight. Thomas and his team focused on targeting the right technology and design to differentiate themselves from today’s solutions. Thomas Wells, CEO and Michael Bui, CTO , have over 40 years’ combined experience working with clinical data and developing enterprise clinical systems that have been used to support research globally. They have worked together for over 20 years. Today, SUMMA is being used for real-world trials globally in five countries, in addition, it is being used to as a data lake to centralize all data assets for research to support cross-study analytics.

SUMMA was built to tackle today’s changing landscape in clinical research, as well as the growing volume of data that is increasing 30-40 percent per year. With all the data that has been created recently with IoT and advanced medical diagnostics, there are new and diverse sources that are critical to support researchers today. Their team has created the next generation research platform SUMMA to meet the market demand for real-world capabilities. The architecture has been designed to leverage in-memory processing like what we see in common search engines today. Speed, efficiency and interoperability are the core characteristics of their schema-based architecture to support the high volume of data.

When we asked Thomas, which feature stands out the most he told us, “It is difficult to single out one feature. SUMMA gives the power to the clinician, so the range of problems that can be solved are immense. One clinician could be using the platform for simulating clinical trial outcomes, while another could be using the platform to research lines of therapy to enable personalized medicine. SUMMA allows clinicians rapidly surface insights from clinical data to make actionable decisions.”