Tapasvi-Clin MolBio Solutions, Inc.: Improving Patient Outcomes with Big Data

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Tapasvi-Clin MolBio Solutions, Inc.: Improving Patient Outcomes with Big Data

CIO VendorMadhuri Gandikota, Founder & CEO
Tapasvi-Clin MolBio Solutions, Inc., offers feasible, innovative and novel solutions from complex clinical information per evidence based medical guidelines and observational research. Founded in 2012 by Madhuri Gandikota, with over 15 years of professional experience spanning a range of laboratory, animal, and human research. Madhuri, the CEO shares, “With the long-term aim of improving health outcomes, we utilize the concepts of epidemiology to harness value from health data. Our solutions move beyond free-standing discrete analytics using disease causal framework that fosters a trans-disciplinary approach.”

Compared to other major industries, the use of analytics in healthcare has been impeded by core problems in capturing data, data in silos, lack of interoperability, poor data integrity, incompatible database architecture, and inconsistency in data definitions. Nevertheless, driving forces including democratization of health data, pressures to reduce healthcare costs and improve population health, are fueling the expansion and rapid adoption of technologies. Tapasvi sensed the potential of the healthcare data to translate to meaningful solutions to improve outcomes by mapping clinical causal pathways, building computational models, developing amazing user interface and providing clinical insights.

We offer both the primary capture and novel secondary use of the data without compromising the performance of the existing primary platform with i) Descriptive designs: examine how disease burdens can vary based on demographics, individuals, time, and place ii) Analytical, or predictive designs: assess the associations between a prediction and an outcome using statistical techniques. “Our analytical designs are rigorously planned based on scientific causal models, bias assessment, generalizability, and optimization of the internal and external validity,” explains Madhuri.

The Tapasvi development team has diverse technical experience both in large enterprise systems design, its architecture, server support, and open source software.

At Tapasvi-Clin MolBio Solutions, innovation is the driving force and the core of our work. We design to deliver data driven solutions. Great ideas have potential to transform lives

The potential of the company and the team has recognized at various national conferences and Harvard School of Public Health. They created DesignerData 1.0 by leveraging the SAP HANA platform in SAP-Co-Innovation Labs. Tapasvi’s patent pending pre-built analytic models and clinical decision rules about obesity and related cardiovascular conditions, enable state-of-the-art secure IT systems and applications to process data quickly. DesignerData 1.0 works by aggregating information about obesity, blood pressure status, lipid profiles, co-morbid cardiovascular diseases, stroke, angina, heart disease and heart attack information that resides in silos spread across multiple databases. The results provide relevant details that can be customized on demand to create dynamic, interactive visualizations that turn disorganized healthcare data into integrated care solutions.

DesignerData was primarily developed for public health reporting, the user-friendly interface of DesignerData 1.0 makes it also a useful tool that can be adapted for any settings that need to utilize data quickly to improve health outcomes in vulnerable populations. Their potential clients include hospitals, physicians, policymakers, payors, patients, pharmaceutical companies, and pharmacists. By making research and data easily accessible to those in the healthcare industry, the Tapasvi helps to bridge gaps in communication between patients, providers, and policymakers that drive decisions.

The Tapasvi solutions empower healthcare stakeholders to translate healthcare data into clinically meaningful solutions that abide by evidence-based medical guidelines and interrelated patients circumstances, including, socio, physical, economic status, risk factors, and co-occurring health conditions. Tapasvi’s vision is to embrace and promote the improvement of the quality of life with innovative solutions at the intersection of clinical research, data driven science and evidence based medicine. Madhuri elaborates, “At Tapasvi- Clin MolBio Solutions, innovation is the driving force and the core of our work. We design to deliver data driven solutions. Great ideas have potential to transform lives.”
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