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Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2016


Thousands of organizations today use Clinical Data Management (CDM) systems to study the performance of clinical trials, supported by valuable insights and data visualizations. With the proliferation of unstructured clinical data, the pharmaceutical companies need compliant CDM platforms to achieve real-time data insights. These platforms help overcome numerous challenges including cross-departmental collaboration, process standardization, and adherence to new regulatory guidelines for hassle-free clinical operations.

The future of clinical trials is about adapting latest technologies while reducing associated risks. For efficiently managing historical clinical data and optimizing the cost of clinical research and trials, organizations should prioritize on data integrity amongst every department and forecast the trial’s success by leveraging big data analytics ingrained with predictive analysis techniques. The data managers should also ensure the data security by deploying an IT infrastructure that meets the necessary regulatory mandates. In the years to come, data managers will be the quality assurer of data related to medical writing or operations.

In the last few months, we have analyzed hundreds of CDM solution providers and shortlisted the companies that are at the forefront of tackling challenges in the data management space. A distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs and analysts including Pharma Tech Outlook’s editorial board has selected the list of Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2016.

The listing provides a look into how solutions for CDM sector are put into use, so that you can gain a comprehensive understanding of how they will optimize your processes.

We present to you Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2016.

    Top Clinical Data Management Companies

  • Specializing in clinical and safety consulting, including full service Endpoint Adjudication Committees and Data Monitoring Committees

  • Delivers easy-to-use and cost-effective eClinical and data management solutions and services

  • A contract research organization that delivers customized clinical development solutions

  • Creates value from unstructured clinical text with speed, accuracy, ease of use, scalability and user customizable queries

  • Clinlogix focuses on clinical research service, consulting, and data management

  • Global outsourced pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device development services provider

  • PRA Health Sciences is a renowned CRO strategically developing global, sustainable, scalable solutions

  • Offers services from early stage non-clinical development and bench testing to all clinical study phases in protocol development, clinical trial management

  • Helps clinical research companies build competitive advantage through process improvement and technology adoption

  • The Company performs e-transcription and real-world data solutions for the pharmaceutical industry