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Top 10 Clinical Data Management Solution Providers 2017

The rapid strides made by pharmaceutical industry have contributed to the exponential growth of clinical data. While the distributed nature of clinical trials underscores the need for a safe repository to tackle the huge influx of data, storing the data in a structured format to support its use in activities like analytics, is equally essential. Further, ensuring the safety and integrity of data is crucial for eliminating its losses or potential misuses. All these accentuate the need for state-of-art Electronic Data Capture (EDC) systems to efficiently capture and manage clinical data.

While EDC for clinical data is driven by the compliance requirements for statutes such as FDA and HIPAA, meeting the frequent variations in these regulations require modern Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS) to be flexible and scalable. Also, with clinical data being utilized by practitioners globally, proving secure access to data through hand-held devices is crucial for driving the right clinical outcomes. From a business standpoint, in-built business intelligence support for obtaining actionable insights into clinical data is vital. The dynamism of clinical data management has interested several upcoming enterprises in pharmaceutical and healthcare domain, seeking to migrate their data from legacy systems to modern, all-inclusive CDMS.

To help the enterprises find the right provider of CDM solutions, a distinguished panel comprising of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts, and the Pharma Tech Outlook editorial board, has thoroughly researched companies that have carved a niche for themselves in the field. The panel has weighed the ease of deployment, mobility support, and scalability of the solutions offered, to catalogue the finalists.

In this edition of Pharma Tech Outlook, we present to you the Top 10 Providers of CDM solutions, 2017.

Top Clinical Data Management Companies

Deep 6 AI finds patients for clinical trials in minutes, getting life-saving cures to people faster

Develops applications to help organizations gain their insights from the data, for the decades beyond datalock

Novaseek is transforming how biomedical and clinical researchers access real-world clinical data and human biospecimens

Accelerates the adoption of digital health in research by providing a real-world research platform, SUMMA

Provides clinical data services faster, more efficient and cost-effective than ever thought possible

The company renders clinical data analysis per evidence based medicine guidelines

ACI Clinical

ACI Clinical

Specializes in clinical and safety consulting, including full service Endpoint Adjudication Committees and Data Monitoring Committees



Empowers CROs and medical device companies to streamline their data capture processes through a validated electronic data capture software

Medrio, Inc.

Medrio, Inc.

Offers an integrated eClinical Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with a fully hosted EDC that drastically reduces clinical study timelines and cost

OpenClinica, LLC

OpenClinica, LLC

Provides open source clinical trial software for electronic data capture and clinical data management